LAFS is based on Street Culture.

LAFS loves Skateboard, Surf, Hiphop, Snowboard, Ggraffiti, Pop Culture.


      brand vision

Our History


Design is expressions of our mind. So when we design T-shirt, Bag, Hat etc. we 

focus how to put values in prosucts.

We are meeting and joining commuinties.

We are exchanging different thinkings.

​Someday we willl open brick and mortar.


brand philosophy

brand mission

LAFS designs clothing, bag, hat.

LAFS makes T-shirt, Hoodie, Backpack,

Beanie, Snapback, Bucket Hat, Eco Bag​

We hope to make connections between underground culture and protecting earth.

Our brand mascot is Gray Wolf because

they are precious endangered species. 

We like not only skakeboarding  but also

our planet.

NYS Towards Design is our comapany.

Our primary brand is LAFS.

LAFS means Love At First Sight.

Our brand purpose is seeking freedom

and independence from tired and boring

life. We seriously think human beings as

dignified existence. Also animals are same

lives. Humans must togetherlive with

animals harmoniously.